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RNAi Services

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RNA Interference (RNAi) Services of Altogen Labs offers life science research services, including a variety of pre-clinical studies, development of stable cell lines, in vivo siRNA delivery, and complete RNAi gene silencing services including gene targeting, siRNA synthesis, chemical modification, functional in vitro validation, siRNA encapsulation, in vivo siRNA, and tissue-targeted delivery. Our RNAi services will help you accomplish:

  • Gene specific targeting
  • Pathway specific targeting
  • Whole genome screens to identify novel functional gene interactions

RNAi methods will be developed to knock-down expression of your target gene by over 80% (mRNA expression). Altogen Labs RNAi services include both transient and stable RNAi delivery systems. Individual gene knock-down can be accomplished in cells in culture, in specific tissues in vivo and in whole organisms. Altogen Labs offers the expertise and methodology to achieve all of these goals. Silencing of gene-expression in cultured cells can be accomplished by transfection of siRNAs for transient gene-knockdown or by transfection with shRNA expressing plasmids for transient and stable gene-knockdown. In addition, RNAi delivery systems will be developed for targeting specific tissues of whole organisms to study the role of specific genes involved in developmental, metabolic and disease processes.

High throughput RNAi methods can be used to knock-down individual genes required for specific functional cellular pathways.  Panels of validated siRNAs are individually transfected into cells using high-throughput transfection methods and used for functional analyses.  These methods are ideal for quickly identifying biological targets during drug development studies.   Altogen Labs RNAi Pathway Analysis services offer the flexibility of using predetermined pathway arrays or arrays customized to meet your needs.

RNAi genome-wide library screening technology (high-throughput siRNA and microRNA library screens) enables identification of novel genes and discovery of new gene signaling pathways.  Altogen Labs offers experimental high-throughput library screening, data analysis and pathway mapping for the identification of novel functional gene associations. Pathway specific gene-knockdown and RNAi genome-wide library screening utilize high-throughput methods useful for analysis of cultured cells.  Altogen Labs has extensive expertise in cell culture methods for the growth of a primary and culture adapted cells.

RNA interference (RNAi) is at the forefront of current research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. It allows the silencing or knockdown of specific genes, reducing their expression both for research and therapeutic purposes. Gene knockdown is useful for many applications, including functional analysis of genes, gene target discovery, validation of gene targets, assay development, and screening of drug compounds. It has the possibility to elucidate cellular mechanisms and treat diseases that have roots in overproduction of proteins, misproduction of proteins, and viral diseases. RNAi is a post-transcriptional effect, therefore it can be temporary and does not require the permanent alteration of DNA.

However, the production and delivery of the appropriate RNA segment to induce the RNAi response is a complex task, with the possibility of varying levels of gene suppression and RNA degradation, among other potential pitfalls. The scientists at Altogen Labs have many years of experience in the design and execution of RNAi studies. Our laboratory is GLP compliant with comprehensive quality controls.

At Altogen Labs we can provide you with complementary RNAi to any specified gene, optimized for desired knockdown effects, minimizing off-target effects. We also can quantify performance of the gene-silencing effects through multiple methods to ensure our clients get the performance they need. In addition, we have experience designing custom siRNA delivery methods, including liposome encapsulation, to ensure effectiveness of the gene-silencing response.


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